you are b-e-a-u-tiful

The whole idea of this blog is to make YOU, yes you, feel beautiful. The society we live in is harsh, and so judgmental and i want to change that, i am sick of seeing people who feel 'worthless' and 'ugly' so i decided to set up this page, dedicated to those who need someone to make them realise how amazing they are, and i am that person, you are amazing.

my journey to be skinny.

i’m leaving this blog to do a ‘thinspiration’ i have had enough of my body, no matter how hard i try to tell myself i am good enough, deep down i know i will never be good enough till i’m skinny. i have finally cracked and i need to get this disgusting weight off. thanks for all the support you have given me on this blog, its much appreciated x

Society changes for no one, and no one should change for society.

My experience today has only made me feel more passionate towards changing society. It’s actually sick how people can treat other human beings in such a disrespectful way, we all have feelings, every single one of us. Why the fuck do certain people feel the need to state somebodies insecurity? If you are like me then your insecurity, whatever it may be will be on your mind all the time, to think that someone so selfish could make you feel so little about yourself is beyond me. What on earth has happened to the human race? Seriously, people today are so negative.

Right now while typing this tears are rolling down my cheek, there are no words to describe the pain i have been through over trying to be ‘accepted’, and its sad to think girls and boys of all ages all over the world are fighting a losing battle to become ‘perfect’. Nobody is perfect. Society changes for no one, and no one should change for society. I am going to watch ‘Phat girls’ and embrace my curves.